Elaine Chan-Dow is an established visual artist and photographer, based in Toronto, Ontario. Since opening her own studio in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District, Elaine is dedicated to creating sentimental works that explore the past as a way to bring forth awareness to the present.

Her award-winning photographs have been on display in multiple exhibits in Ontario and New York. Meanwhile, her conceptual works are on permanent display at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and Arts Interior in Toronto. The Libraria series, an example of her conceptual works, is an ongoing pictorial study of literary spaces from its origin as a reading room for the wealthy elite to a public building of knowledge, open to all. For more information and to see her conceptual series, please visit: www.elainechandow.com.

Elaine is also a tourism photographer with a particular affinity for natural landscapes and culinary arts. Her editorial works have graced covers of magazines and on billboards across Canada and the United States. As evidenced by her newest series Canadian Landscapes, Elaine embarks on a pictorial journey of landscapes in the eastern part of Canada and captures its mysterious calm in spite of a turbulent windstorm.

As well as having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Geography, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Image Arts Photography and Master of Fine Arts in Photography, Elaine has taught Photography courses at York University in Toronto. Keeping her studio space interactive and ever-evolving, like her investigative series, Elaine continues to work on her own and commissioned projects as well as teaching photography workshops and as an artist mentor with TDSB. She plans on continuing her photographic endeavours and broadening her scope. To work with her, please contact here.